MILL ROAD GALLERY - Brigitte Kozma and Tom Seagard

Tom Seagard

- Painter using a mulitude of media in his creative process -

Since 1971 Tom Seagard has been displaying his paintings together with his wife, Brigitte Kozma, in their Mill Road Gallery in Sister Bay, Wisconsin. Tom is a mixed media artist. His subjects vary from wildlife to American Indian images but go beyond the surface evalutation in his attempt to portray the uniqueness and individuality, the character and strengths of the subjects her sees.

His work includes images from Door County, Wi., the Caribbean, Key West, and South America. The field work is extensive, but it enables Tom to record and interpret these subjects with caring and precision. His medium includes traditional art materials and extends to spray enamels, industrial paint and products, as well as more common place things, like coffee and food coloring.

Tom attended the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, with a double major inpainting and graphics.  He has been a professional artist since age 19.  His work is in many private and corporate collections in the United States as well as in Europe.

"My art is a partnership between the pure clean freedom of nature and the absolute necessity to record and be a part of this energy.  We are all a part of a large family of life, every living thing has value.  The desire to understand only intensifies this awareness.

Come celebrate life with me;  I can't wait for tomorrow."   Tom Seagard


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