MILL ROAD GALLERY - Brigitte Kozma and Tom Seagard

Kozma and Seagard artist recommendation

We have had many wonderful experiences with Capt. Victoria and her "Bird and Wilderness Tours".  As lovers of the wild and rich habitats available, the interested adventurer will see this as a "must do".

Many of our artistic images are a direct result from these "adventures" with Capt. Victoria. She is an ever valuable go to source when seeking new inspirations from the Keyes. Look her up, you will thank us.

We fondly referr to Capt. Victoria as our"Vicatania"!


We have another "must do" experience when in the Florida Keys. After spending repeated tours with Capt. Bill, who offers you the best fact filled slow tour of his area, the pleasure was an enrichment to our creativity as artists. Painting the images of the Keys requires good photo resourcing and Bill provides the opportunities.  "Keys Kayak Tours" is a looked forward to outing, and if you have like interests or just want to acquaint yourselves with this remarkable and important eco system, sign on while here!

Brigitte Kozma is creating a donation/sponsorship with her art. We welcome you to participate in this support of the greyhoundbreed together with Retired Greyhound Athletes -

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